10 Mysterious Creatures Spotted On Google Earth


10 Mysterious Creatures Spotted On Google Earth

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From an enormous crab bigger than a boat to suspicious sightings of sea monsters, here are 10 creatures spotted on Google Earth! Subscribe For New Videos! http://goo.gl/UIzLeB 10: Google Street View Runs Over Donkey First on today's list is a creature not only spotted on Google earth, but that appears to have been directly hit by the Google Street View car. The image shows a donkey lying in the rut of a road in Botswana, Africa. At first glance, it definitely looks like the Google Street View car hit the donkey, ran it over, and then kept going. However, the company has claimed that nobody ran over the donkey. 9: Pigeon People The pigeon people from Google Maps is one of the most disturbing things ever seen on the application. Either the Google Street View car discovered a secret group of pigeon-human hybrids living in Japan, or it was an elaborate prank. Regardless, it is absolutely creepy and weird. And once again the timing of the car was just perfect! The view from the Google Street car shows a group of pigeon people standing on the sidewalk in the Musashino district of western Tokyo. 8: Flying Rabbit This next story is a once in a lifetime moment. A poor rabbit's final seconds on Earth were caught by the 360-degree camera mounted to the top of the Google Street View vehicle. And unlike the donkey in Botswana, the Google Street View car is absolutely guilty of striking this animal on the road while driving through Poland. 7: Crabzilla One of the most controversial creatures ever found on Google Earth is Crabzilla. This monstrous crustacean was found off the coast of Kent in the United Kingdom. The view from Google Earth appears to show an enormous crab much larger than a boat sitting off the pier, just minding its own business. 6: The Loch Ness Monster This one actually comes from Apple Maps, but it's basically the same thing as Google Earth. A recent satellite photograph appears to have captured the Loch Ness Monster cruising beneath the blue waters of Loch Ness in Scotland. In the satellite image, it very much looks like a giant monster’s head with tentacles streaming out behind it. 5: Missing Persons Case This story isn't about a creature exactly, but in a way it is. Besides, it's so extraordinary that I had to tell you about it. You see, a man who had been using Google Earth to take a look at his old property ended up seeing something extremely unusual. While looking at the pond behind the house, the man spotted a lump that looked a lot like a vehicle. 4: Google Earth Dinos A pair of dinosaurs has recently been discovered on Google Earth. In the satellite image, you can very clearly see the shadows of a brontosaurus and a Tyrannosaurus Rex roaming through the backyard of a manufacturing plant in New Jersey. And if you look a little closer, you can also see a caveman running along between the two dinosaurs. Is this an accidental glimpse into the past? 3: Hot Tub Monkeys Back in 2012, Google announced their new and improved Trekker Street View camera, which would allow people to travel even farther than they could using the Street View Trike or the Street View Trolley. It took only a week for some of the most amazing creatures on Earth to show up on Google's Street View. 2: Bigfoot No list of creatures caught on Google Earth would be complete without at least one Bigfoot sighting. The one we're talking about today is an image from Google Earth that shows very clearly a figure that must be Bigfoot lurking alongside the Trans-Canada highway in British Columbia. 1: Sea Monsters Perhaps the most incredible creatures spotted using Google Earth are sea monsters. There is no shortage of images depicting things like sea snakes, leviathans, and even krakens. There are even some images that show pictures of what appear to be giant jellyfish hundreds of feet long snaking through channels and lurking in the open ocean.


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