Top 10 Mysterious USB's Discovered - Part 2


Top 10 Mysterious USB's Discovered - Part 2


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Top 10 Mysterious USB's Discovered - Part 2 Subscribe To Most Amazing Top 10: A recent study conducted by the University of Illinois discovered that 48 percent of people will pick up a random USB stick, plug it into their computers and open up the files on them. Um excuse me, more like 48 percent of people don't mind getting their computers hacked Hackers are now uploading viruses or spyware onto USB's and leaving them in random places. If you plug them into your computer then this gives them access to all your personal information. In fact, they often leave these USB's outside of big corporations with hopes that an employee will pick up the USB and plug it into their work computer. Then they will have access to all their confidential files. So i don't recommend picking up random USB's, instead just enjoy this video on the dumb people that have. #top10 #top10mysterious #mysterious #usb #mysterioususbs #aliens #arealiensreal #ancientaliens #mystery #unexplained #usbstick #realaliens Watch The Previous Part Here:


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