9 Creepiest Things Discovered By Divers


9 Creepiest Things Discovered By Divers

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From graveyards of man and machine, to strange sea creatures, and more! Join me as I reveal to you 9 of the creepiest things found by divers! Subscribe For New Videos! http://goo.gl/UIzLeB 9. Dugong In Chains The idea of animals in chains is rarely approved of, but one thing you would never truly expect to see is that of an aquatic creature in chains. Mainly because this does nothing but hurt the animal and is harsh on so many levels. Such was the case when some divers went to the island of Kokoya, off North Maluku in Indonesia, and they were in for quite a shock. 8. New Jersey Deep Sea Graveyard There are many things you would expect to find in the waters off of a state or country, but as the New Jersey Deep Sea Graveyard reveals, sometimes you're going to be shocked by what you see. In 1985 a man named Paul Hepler started to map out the bottom of the New Jersey coast and came upon something he didn't expect, two large locomotives. 7. The Structures Of Zakynthos Believe it or not, there are plenty of underwater cities throughout the world that have either been documented (as in cities sunk by natural disasters and such) or remain a mystery (like Yoganani Monument), but in the case of Zakynthos, an island off the coast of Greece, a much bigger mystery needed to be solved, and the results were a bit shocking. 6. Creatures Of The Mariana Trench There are many places in the world that humanity has only lightly touched, and one of the most hard to reach places on that list is the Mariana Trench. Mainly because it's over 36,000 feet below sea level. Only a handful of men have been able to reach down them and that was by diving down there via specialized submersibles, and what they found was not only unique, but very creepy. 5. Giant Pyrosome The Giant Pyrosome is known as the \


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