Top 10 Mysterious Stories Found on Reddit


Top 10 Mysterious Stories Found on Reddit

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Top 10 Mysterious Stories Found on Reddit 50M Videos is the #1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people that will inspire you everyday. Make sure to subscribe and never miss a single video! #viralstory #amazingpeople #50MVideos Top 10 mysterious stories found on Reddit People like coming to Reddit for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes it’s to learn new skills. Other times it’s to connect with other similar minded individuals. And often times, it’s to read up about the strange and unusual, so it’s a good thing that there’s no shortage of mysterious posts that will keep you up at night, isn’t it? If you, too, like to read up on weird stuff in your spare time, I’ve done all the tedious work for you and put it all together. If your interest has been piqued then wait and look no further. Let us get into the top 10 mysterious stories found on Reddit. 10) The man in the road The user states that this took place during his junior year of high school. It was the week of homecoming, his friend and he were heading out to a classmates barn to work on their parade float.. On this day they were about a mile away when they chanced upon a fire truck, an ambulance and many police cars blocking the road. There was a wreck on the bridge and traffic was being diverted elsewhere. When, he and his friend were heading home after finishing things up on the float. They pulled up to the bridge, slowed down and stopped to check out the wreck site. They sat in the car for a few moments observing the mangled guardrail and looked in the side mirror to make sure no cars were coming. The coast was clear, he looked forward, then back in the mirror. It was then he saw a man by the tailgate illuminated in red by the taillights. He slammed his foot on the gas, but the car wasn\u0026#39;t moving, then they heard a loud bang on the driver’s side of the car. He sped off not slowing down one bit. When he got back home and got out to grab his bag from the back, he noticed a large dent on the driver’s side where the man had been standing. To this day he still has no idea who the man was, and why his car was hit. 9) Frozen in time This cop was driving and found a girl standing in the middle of the road; he thought to tell her to pay attention but it was clear that something was wrong. During his whole time with her she never uttered a word. She had done nothing but clearly needed help even though nothing seemed wrong medically. As he was weighing his options the girl suddenly started spinning. Then she lost her balance and fell whacking her head on the side of the police car. So he called an ambulance but she seemed fine. Still not talking but she was looking at the sky. He did some writing and looked back at her and realized she was trying to damage her retinas by forcing herself to look directly at the sun. He held up a book above her to shield her eyes, the ambulance arrived and they got to the hospital but now she seemed to have forgotten how to walk. The officer was now certain that she was trolling him but he got her a wheelchair anyway. In the wheelchair she struck up her hands and kept this up for the next hour, no movement just frozen with her arms out. He was now convinced something was utterly wrong. Either she was pretending to be frozen in time, was suffering from a mental health issue or she had been possessed. By now he’s convinced it\u0026#39;s the latter but he decided to leave her with professionals. A week later he called the hospital and they told him she was still frozen. 8) Missing persons case This is the taIe of Kevin Williams. A user on Reddit says the first time he had heard of him was when a flyer was posted on the door of his apartment in Jacksonville, when Kevin went missing. He had been following the case ever since. On May 28, 2013, Kevin and his wife had an argument at the Avenues Mall in Jacksonville. He left his wife at the mall, left his car, and walked to a convenience store. He used his ATM card at the store and then went to a building on Sunbeam Road. That was the last he was seen. He was listed as AWOL from the Navy and his family created a Facebook page to help find him. In July 2015, during the search for missing person Lonzie Barton, police found 2 adult bodies in ponds. One of them was Kevin Williams. His body was found less than a mile from the mall and about 2 miles from the apartment complex. But why was he killed and who killed him? 7) The US Forest Service rescue officer This tale is about when a US Forest Service rescue officer was involved in the search for a woman who\u0026#39;d gotten separated from her hiking group. She was found late at night curled up under a large log, missing her shoes and backpack and was clearly in shock. They were able to get her to walk with them back to base. The entire time she kept looking behind and asking why \u0026#39;that big man with black eyes\u0026#39; was following them.


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